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Here you will find a complete episode guide to everyon's favorite show.........




Season One:
Episode 1
"Man About The House"
   In this, the first episode of the show, we meet Janet, Chrissy and Jack, as well as our friends the Ropers. The girls need a new roomate, but in order for Jack to move in he has to pretend that he is gay so that Mr. Roper will allow the three of them to live together.
Episode 2
"And Mother Makes Four"
   Jack is all moved in and ready for his first night at his new home, but there is one little problem. Chrissy's mother shows up for a visit, and poor Jack ends up on the couch!
Episode 3
"Roper's Niece"
   Roper's niece is in town for a visit, and Roper wants Jack to take her out, but Jack has plans with Janet and Chrissy. Eventually Roper convinces Jack to take out his niece and it all leads to one big mess!
Episode 4
"No Children, No Pets"
   Jack gets a puppy his friend Larry, but there is one problem. Mr. Roper does not allow pets, so the threesome tries to hide the puppy while finding it a new home.
Episode 5
"Jack and the Giant Killer"
   Jack, Chrissy, and Janet take a break from working on the apartment, and go down to the Regal Begal and it all leads to a confrontation that leaves Jack assesing his manhood.
Episode 6
"It's Only Money"
   When Jack and Janet return home after a days work, they discover that their door was unlocked and their rent is missing! After talking to Chrissy, they still don't know the whereabouts of the rent, and when the cops do not believe their burgular story, they are forced to hide from the Roper's only to find out later that he is the one that took the rent money.
Season 2:
Episode 7
"Ground Rules"
   A conflict over lack of privacy comes to a head after Janet brings home a boyfriend, and roommates Jack and Chrissy have to cool their heels at the Regle Beagle pub. Jack goes to the pub where the trio's landlord, Stanley Roper and his wife also are spending the evening, and makes a date with a beautiful girl, Veronica. Janet is furious when Jack and Chrissy choose an inopportune moment to barge into the apartment where she is entertaining her date, Alex. Later, Jack gets Janet and Chrissy to agree to an "unbreakable rule" on taking turns using the apartment privately. Jack soon regrets this rule when Veronica calls to change their date night.
Episode 8
"Jack Looks for a Job"
   While roommates Janet and Chrissy are both employed, Jack has had a problem finding work to fit around his school hours. Jack Tripper's principles are at stake when he is hired as a male model and learns he is to pose nude for a magazine centerfold. Jack then sells encyclopedias as an alternative.
Episode 9
"Janet's Promotion"
    When the manager of the flower shop where Janet works, quits, Jack and Chrissy convince Janet that she should try to get the job. But the owner of the shop has other ideas, and hires a girl whose only qualification is her figure. Janet decides to fight fire with fire, and announces that she' s going to have her figure enhanced. Though Jack and Chrissy try to talk her out of it, the only one who gets through to her is Chloe, the new manager. Chloe goes over to the apartment to explain that she 's quitting the job because the only thing the boss is interested in is her body, and she wishes she were like Janet, who' s respected for her brains.
Episode 10
"Strange Bedfellows"
    Chrissy and Janet go away for the weekend, leaving Jack all alone. Jack throws a big, noisy party, and, when Mr. Roper comes upstairs to complain Jack entices him in to join the revelry. The next morning the girls come back to find the apartment a shambles and Jack in bed with someone. The someone turns out to be Roper, who is mortified to find himself in Jack's bed. Though Jack knows that the only explanation is that both he and Roper must have passed out from drinking too much, Roper can't remember a thing and is afraid of the implication of him being in Jack's bed. It takes Celise, who was at the party, to give them the real story, but not before Jack has confessed to the distraught Roper that he's not really gay.
Episode 11
"Chrissy's Date"
   Chrissy falls for an older man she meets at the supermarket Jack is jealous, but he' s even more upset when Mrs. Roper tells Jack and Janet that she knows the man's wife.
Episode 12
"Alone Together"
   Roper goes off on a junket to check out some desert real estate, leaving Mrs. Roper all alone. She convinces Janet to come stay with her overnight, leaving Chrissy and Jack alone in the apartment. Afraid that Jack can't be trusted Janet warns Chrissy to play down her natural attractiveness. Though Chrissy does her utmost to follow Janet's instructions, appearing in a sloppy bathrobe and hair curlers, Jack just finds her more appealing as her natural self. When Janet returns in the morning she finds the remains of an apparent romantic dinner for two, a distraught Chrissy and an elated Jack. What she imagines has happened is hardly the case, however. Jack's crime is that he hasn't made a pass at Chrissy, and she's afraid she' s losing her sex appeal. With Janet as intermediary Jack explains that he's a one-woman man, and right now he's got a girlfriend, otherwise he would certainly have attacked her. Everything is fine until Mrs. Roper receives a call from Roper saying he's been detained - actually he got caught in a vice raid and Mrs. Roper gets Janet to spend another night, while Jack is finding out that his girlfriend has dumped him.
Episode 13
"Roper's Car"
   Greed tarnishes Mr. Roper's integrity when he is led to believe his old car is a valuable classic after he has sold it for $200 to Jack, Janet and Chrissy.
Episode 14
"Cyrano de Tripper"
Chrissy convinces Jack to secretly prepare dinner for her and her new boyfriend, a gourmet who she has told that she can cook. Burning up with jealousy, Jack bides out in the kitchen and listens to the boyfriend both praise and criticize his cooking, while also making advances to Chrissy. One criticism too many brings Jack stomping out of the kitchen, blowing the ruse and infuriating Chrissy. Jack and Michael the gourmet get into a heated argument until Michael reveals that he' s friendly with one of the world's greatest chefs, and Jack suddenly looks on Michael with admiration. Meanwhile, Roper has been putting two and two together and has decided Jack's not gay. He storms down to the trio's apartment just in time to find Chrissy alone in the living room furious with Jack for stealing her boyfriend, and Jack and Michael huddled over the stove comparing notes.
Episode 15
"Chrissy's Night Out"
    Jack and Janet panic when they discover that Chrissy isn't home yet from evening out with the girls from the office, and it's three A.M. When Chrissy does get home she's in tears because a cute guy she met at the Funky Fox bar has mistaken her friendliness f or something else. A few minutes later the "cute guy" arrives at the apartment, and before he has a chance to identify himself as Detective Lannigan of the Vice Squad, Jack, in an angry burst of protectiveness, flattens him. Lannigan comes to and reads Jack his rights for having assaulted an officer. When Roper tells Lannigan he' s been punched by a fairy, Lannigan decides his reputation would be better off if he bends the law a bit himself, and lets Jack off.
Episode 16
"Stanley Casanova"
   Roper, dejected because Helen has told him that women don' t find him attractive, goes down to the Regal Beagle where Jack is filling in as bartender for the evening. A sympathetic Jack promises Joan, a pretty girl at the pub, that he'll take her to dinner the next evening if she'll sit with Roper and feign interest in him to boost his ego. Roper is thoroughly enjoying himself until Chrissy and Janet arrive along with Mrs. Roper just in time to see him getting a kiss from Joan. Mrs. Roper quickly leaves, totally crushed, but when the girls tell Roper he's been found out, he's triumphant. Mrs. Roper is ready to leave Stanley until Jack reveals he set the whole thing up, and she decides the best thing for their marriage is that she let him go on thinking he's a heartbreaker, even if she knows the truth.
Episode 17

"Janet's Highschool Sweetheart"
   Janet runs into Peter, a high school hero who she used to have a crush on. She invites him over. Jack and Chrissy are amazed at how nervous their usually cool roommate is as she waits for Peter to arrive. When they meet him Jack is impressed but Chrissy spots him immediately for what he is -a real Don Juan. While Jack and Chrissy are at the pub, Janet is at home fending off Peter's advances, and getting more and more disenchanted, Peter chases Janet into the bedroom and hits his head on a table, knocking himself out. Just as Chrissy and Jack arrive home to find Janet a mess from Peter attacking her, Peter comes to and starts another attempt Chrissy comes to Janet's rescue and holds Janet protectively, making Peter come to the conclusion that the reason Janet isn't interested in him is that she and Chrissy have something going. Jack kicks him out.
Episode 18
"Jack's Uncle"
   Roper's on a rampage for the rent, so Jack's visiting uncle, a charming rascal, passes him a bad check.
Episode 19
"Helen's Job"
   A ruffled Helen Roper takes a cafeteria job to teach husband Stanley a lesson but returns a wreck from the experience.
Episode 20
"Three's Christmas"
Jack, Janet and Chrissy plot to get out of a party alone with the Roper's in order to go to a party upstairs. Little do they know that the Roper'se invited to the same party and are trying to get out of a party with them.
Episode 21
"The Gift"
   Jack becomes caught in a dilemma when Chrissy believes he has bought her an expensive birthday present and the gift turns out to be a surprise for Roper's wife.
Episode 22
"The Rivals"
   Janet enlists the aid of Chrissy and Jack to entertain a new potential client of the flower shop, but when she meets him faceto-face, she changes her mind; she wants this handsome man all to herself. Unfortunately, he's more interested in Chrissy than business, so he makes a quick deal for the flowers and goes off to a beach party with Chrissy, to Janet's dismay. Janet is furious with Chrissy for "stealing" the man, but Chrissy can't understand why, since she only flirted with him to help Janet. It takes Jack to talk some sense into Janet, but while he' s doing so Chrissy misunderstands and thinks Janet was just trying to get her out of the way so she and Jack could get together. Again, Jack straightens them both out and the trio is once more on friendly ground.
Episode 23
"The Babysitters"
   Janet makes a date for the same night she's promised to baby-sit for the Randall's one-year-old baby. She convinces a reluctant Jack and Chrissy to fill in for her, promising them a quiet evening, a good TV and plenty of liquor. Instead, they spend an evening with a crying baby, a locked liquor cabinet, and a broken TV. Worse yet, the pregnant Mrs. Randall goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital, so Jack and Chrissy have to spend the night there. Meanwhile, Janet has returned from a dull evening to find her roommates still out. She calls them, gives them some advice on baby care, and goes to sleep. In the morning Janet panics when she realizes they never came home and she runs over to the Randalls just in tine to greet Mrs. Randall's mother who dashes in, commanding her to "get cracking." Jack and Chrissy escape, leaving Janet to spend an exhausting day caring for both baby and grandmother.
Episode 24
"Home Movies"
   Chrissy has a new boyfriend who's a film buff, so she decides to become a filmmaker. She gets a super-8mm film camera from her parents and takes lots of very amateur footage of the trio fooling around. Meanwhile, Jack' s friend Larry has some footage of his own - a porno flick he's bought from a stranger for $50. Larry comes over to borrow Chrissy's projector, expecting to have a private showing with Jack. Unfortunately, Roper spots the film and decides to join them. Then Chrissy and Janet show up and it looks like it's going to be a very embarrassing premier showing. What shows up on the screen, however, is a Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Larry is furious, but Jack is hysterical and relieved. Meanwhile, Chrissy finds out her boyfriend has no enthusiasm for her films, and drops him for a painter.
Episode 25
"Jack in the Flower Shop"
    All work and no play makes Jack an angry boy when Janet hires him to work for her and acts like a tough boss.
Episode 26
"Jack's Navy Pal"
   Just as Jack and the girls are preparing a dinner for the Ropers with the intention of buttering up Mr. Roper and dissuading him from raising the rent, an old, and unpleasant, acquaintance from Jack's Navy days shows up unexpectedly. Jack is startled to see that Jim Walsh is row blind, and is even more surprised when Jim hauls off and punches him in the jaw. Jim has hit Jack because he believes Jack finked on him back in the Navy, but then realizes that he's made a mistake. He insists that Jack owes him one now, and refuses to leave until Jack has hit him back. Jack tells him he can't hit a blind man, but Jim still won't leave. He then deliberately goes about spoiling the Ropers' dinner and insulting everyone. When Jim begins breaking up the furniture, everyone finally loses their temper and tells Jack to hit him. As Jack pulls back to punch Jim, Jim blocks his swing and lands another fist right on Jack's jaw. Then he smugly departs.
Episode 27
"Will the Real Jack Tripper"
   A case of mistaken identity nearly makes Jack a married man, when a girl comes looking for Jack Tripper to tell him she thinks she's pregnant. She tells Chrissy and Janet her story, but not her name, so when the girls tell Jack, he thinks it's his girlfriend Linda, and proposes marriage. Jack introduces Linda to the girls, who are furious to see that he's a two-timer -- Linda is not the pregnant girl. But Jack is also not the man she's looking for. It's really his love-'em- and -leave-'em friend Larry, who has used Jack's name for this escapade. Jack loses Linda when she finds out the reason he'd proposed, and Larry gets off the hook when the pregnancy turns out to be a false alarm.
Episode 28
"Days of Beer and Weeds"
   While cleaning up the Ropers' overgrown backyard, the kids find some pretty weeds and give them to Mrs. Roper to add to the floral design she's doing for her flower arranging class. Jack's friend Larry informs them that the weeds are marijuana, but not before Mrs. Roper has taken them to class with her. Jack and Chrissy dash off to the police station to get sane legal advice, but Jack ends up in trouble for drunk bicycle driving, thanks to Mr. Roper's new hobby home-brewing beer. The kids warn Mr. Roper of the marijuana, and a panicked Roper smashes his wife's arrangement right in front of her teacher. It turns out that the weed only looks like marijuana and is in fact False Aralia, which is similar in appearance but perfectly legal.
Episode 29
"Chrissy Come Home"
   An unexpected visit from Chrissy's father, the minister, throws the kids into a panic. Jack decides to move out temporarily but Reverend Snow arrives before Jack can leave. Fumbling for an explanation of Jack's presence, Janet blurts out that she and Jack are married. When the reverend hears that the marriage took place in City Hall he insists that a proper marriage must be sanctioned by the Church, and offers to perform the ceremony immediately Chrissy tells him the truth and her father goes into a rage of righteous anger, demanding that she come home to Fresno with him Jack and Janet come to her defense, but Chrissy finally makes her own stand and tells her father she is old enough to make her own decisions. Reverend Snow relents, realizing that Chrissy's home is now with her friends.
Episode 30
"Bird Song"
   Stanley Roper has bought an anniversary present for his wife, a parakeet. Jack, Janet and Chrissy hide the bird in their apartment overnight. In the morning Jack and Chrissy, who have been scheming over a pair of priceless tickets to a Frank Sinatra concert given to Janet by her boss - which Janet doesn't want, are in fierce competition when it seems that Jack has triumphed and he sits on the box used to contain the bird just as the Ropers arrive at the door.
Episode 31
" Coffee Tea or Jack"
   Chrissy pulls out all the stops when she has to pry Jack from the clutches of his old flame a gorgeous airline stewardess, and lure him back to the Roper apartment for his surprise birthday party Susan Wallace, who repeatedly jilted Jack in the past, melts his resolve to remain "cool" when she shows up unexpectedly. After they leave for a romantic interlude at the pub, Janet reminds Chrissy that it is her responsibility to get Jack to the party by some ruse. When Chrissy doesn't know what to do, Janet sends her in pursuit with instructions to make Jack forget about Susan.



Season Three:
Episode 32
"Double Date"
   Jack lies to his girlfriend in order to keep a date with his new romantic interest.  You know that can only lead to trouble!
Episode 33
"Good Old Reliable Janet"
   Jack's roommates Janet and Chrissy are considering joining unclad demonstrators at the local beach when neighbor Larry invites the trio to lunch at a Greek restaurant. Because she's so dependable, Janet is elected to stay home and wait for an expected repairman. Steaming, she determines to turn over a new leaf and talks equally malcontent Mrs. Roper into joining her in the demonstration. By the time Stanley Roper finds his wife's note he has learned that police are raiding the beach.
Episode 34
"The Love Diary"
   Jack and Janet are intrigued when Chrissy gets a free-lance job to transcribe a notebook, "My Diary" by Wanda X., for publication. Roper goes to the upstairs apartment to shampoo the carpeting, and reads a portion of the diary in which the writer confesses to being in love with an older married man in the apartment below. Roper then begins to go wild.
Episode 35
"The Fast"
   Janet challenges Jack and Chrissy to a "battle of the sexes." Can Chrissy go without food longer than Jack can go without women? Poor Chrissy, a habitual nibbler has faint hopes of being able to hold out long enough to win the bet, but Janet, who is involved in the wager, has a secret weapon. She knows - but has not told Jack yet - that his very attractive girlfriend, Grace, is in town and waiting for him at her hotel.
Episode 36
"Helen's Rendezvous" 
    Mysterious phone calls and secret meetings lead Jack, Janet and Chrissy to believe that Helen Roper is having an illicit fling with her husband's best friend.
Episode 37
"My Sister's Keeper"
    Jack volunteers to take Janet's sister, Jenny Wood, a beautiful college student sightseeing because Janet and Chrissy have to work. Janet offends him by warning him to keep hands off her kid sister. Of course, he does. But that night, poor Jack takes medication before bedding down on the sofa and when he wakes for a drink of water, he groggily heads for his own bed, which is occupied by Jenny.
Episode 38
"Chrissy and the Guru"
 Jack and Janet face the danger of losing Chrissy to a fast-talking guru who dazzles her into believing her place is at his side in a distant commune.
Episode 39
"Larry's Bride"
   When Larry brings Gloria, his brideto-be to the apartment to meet his three friends, she maneuvers Jack into the kitchen. By accident, Gloria lands in Jack's arms, with Janet witnessing the incident. Chrissy and Janet then accuse Jack of trying to steal Larry's girlfriend. Jack finds himself trapped in hot water, although he is perfectly innocent to the accusation. Gloria, who was not really serious about Larry, leaves him when Chrissy tells her that he is not rich.
Episode 40
"Chrissy's New Boss"
   Chrissy has been unhappy because she keeps getting passed over for promotion promotion after promotion. She decides to become more aggressive and make sure that her employers are fully aware of her natural talents. When she returns late one day wearing a low-cut dress and announces that she is now private secretary to J.C. Braddock, Jack and Janet fear the worst. They go into a rage when they find out that Chrissy and J. C. are leaving together on an overnight business trip to Las Vegas. Little do they know that J.C. is a female.


Episode 41
"The Crush"
   Janet and Chrissy angrily blame Jack for sending them on a wild goose chase to a nonexistent party, never dreaming that it is the Ropers' teenage houseguest who wants them out of the way so she can have Jack all to herself.
Episode 42
"The Kleptomaniac"
   Janet is miffed upon discovering that her gold pen, a graduation present from her folks, is missing. Then, while Jack is perched on a ladder helping Roper paint the apartment exterior, he peers in his own bedroom window as Chrissy is taking his money from a drawer. Unaware that Chrissy is really borrowing cash for Mrs. Roper's C.O.D. delivery, Jack shares his bad news with Janet. While they are worrying that their roommate has developed kleptomania she walks in with a new purse and Mrs. Roper's shawl.
Episode 43
"The Party's Over"
   Roper catches Jack bringing home party supplies for the trio's first bash in over a year, and jokingly reminds him that the last affair was too noisy for his "no parties" rule. However, with Mrs. Roper's blessing, Jack and roommates decide to go ahead with their plans. On the night of the party, the only guest present is Mrs. Roper. (Mr. Roper put up a sign that the party was cancelled.) Then Jack discovers that she was enraged about her husband's remark and left him alone in their apartment. But the trio gets them back together.
Episode 44
Eleanor's Return"
   When Chrissy and Janet's former roommate Eleanor, returns to Los Angeles and comes to stay with the girls, Jack is convinced by Larry that his place is being usurped. In an attempt to ruin a party the girls have planned, supposedly for Eleanor, Jack serves a cake he made from sawdust. The party is really a surprise to celebrate Jack's passing his chef's training exams. Eleanor, it turns out, is only visiting on her way to her new home in San Diego.
Episode 45
"The Older Woman"
   Jack falls for Mrs. Roper's cousin Barbara a woman about forty. But when he tells Larry and the girls about his new love, they are skeptical of the age difference. They are even more disturbed when they mistake Barbara's mother, Martha, for the woman of Jack's dreams. Larry attempts to save Jack from her by making a pass at Martha himself, but he only gets a slap for his efforts. As Jack is saying goodbye to Barbara, who is only in town for her mother's wedding, the girls barge in on him, and the mix-up is straightened out.
Episode 46
Stanley's Hotline"
   Chrissy is in hot water with landlord Stanley Roper when he eavesdrops and believes she is pregnant.
Episode 47
The Catered Affair"
   Chrissy's boss, J.C. Braddock, hires Jack to cater a buffet for the company's Board of Directors. Everything is going well, with the help of the girls and the Ropers, until Jack spots Mr. Penrose the president of the company making a pass at Chrissy. In his attempt to protect her, Jack dumps chocolate mousse all over Penrose, and Penrose demands that Chrissy be fired. Jack saves the day by helping Mrs. Penrose to discover her husband making another pass at Chrissy. In return for providing Penrose with an alibi, Chrissy gets her job back.
Episode 48
"The Best Laid Plans"
   The girls have a mouse in their bedroom, and Janet is terrified. She insists on sleeping in Jack's room, leaving him to sleep on the couch. After one miserable night, Jack plots to get to sleep in the room with Chrissy. Meanwhile, Mr. Roper is happy to hear about the mouse because it means Helen's mother won't come for her planned visit. Although Larry kills the mouse when it shows up in his apartment, he promises Jack and Roper not to tell the girls or Helen. Both Jack and Roper eventually get trapped by their lies.
Episode 49
The Harder They Fall"
   Janet falls for a customer at the flower shop Gregg, and invites him over for the evening. Jack slips on the wet stairs and hurts his leg, sending him to the hospital. Chrissy and Jack both forget they have promised to vacate the apartment so they are both in Jack's bedroom putting him to bed, when Janet and Gregg arrive. When Jack falls down with a loud crash as he's trying to listen in on their conversation, Gregg and Janet come rushing in to find Jack and Chrissy in bed. Their feeble attempts to explain are interrupted by Roper who comes up to offer Jack a settlement so he won't sue him for his injury. Roper mistakes Gregg for Jack's lawyer, and tries to negotiate with him. Gregg only wants to negotiate a pass at Janet, and when that is foiled by Jack, he stomps out.
Episode 50
"The Bake-Off"
    Jack is chosen to represent his cooking school in a BakeOff. After much practice, he makes his entry, a chocolate mousse pie, and puts it in the refrigerator to await the contest that afternoon. Chrissy eats a slice, and, when she realizes what she's done, she and Janet get the Ropers to help substitute another mousse, bought from Hoffmeier's bakery, for Jack's bake-off. When they get to the BakeOff, they find out that Hoffneier is one of the judges, and will know his own mousse. Jack is told of the switch and he tries to disqualify himself. The Dean of the school, Mr. Travers, tries to stop him, and a mousse-throwing battle follows.
Episode 51
"Jack Moves Out"
   After a week of misfortunes, Jack blows up at the girls and moves out of the apartment. He takes up an offer from Larry's boss, Mr. Layton to come live with him and his wife and cook for them. His first dinner turns out to be a replay of "Tom Jones", between Mrs. Layton and an unwilling Jack. Jack escapes, but has to break into the girls' apartment to have a place to sleep. The girls have booby-trapped the apartment after having been scared by a burglar alarm salesman's pitch. Jack is caught breaking in by both the girls and a passing policeman. Apologies are made, Jack is saved from arrest, and the trio is reunited.
Episode 52
"An Anniversary Surprise"
   For their anniversary, Mr. Roper plans to surprise Mrs. Roper with the news that he has sold the apartment building. But the kids mistake his hints about leaving and think he' s planning on running off with another woman. The girls warn Mrs. Roper while Jack tries to convince Mr. Roper to give it another chance. Roper comes home ready to hop into bed, but Helen accuses him of infidelity. When the "other woman," who turns out to be the real estate agent, shows up with a check everything is explained.
Episode 53
"Moving On"
   Jack, Janet and Chrissy's favorite landlord, Stanley Roper sells their apartment building but resists his wife Helen's desire to move into a new townhouse in a "swinging" development next door to a snobbish realtor who thinks they will lower the tone of the community.

 Episode 54

"Triangle Troubles"

   Jack asks the girls to disappear for an afternoon while he does a cooking project with Debbie, another student. Debbie shows up early, and a game of hide and seek ensues, complicated by the unexpected arrival of Rev. Snow. A second game occurs at Debbie's house where she also has two roommates -- guys. When Debbie returns to the trio's apartment, she runs into the girls, who try to make up an excuse for their presence. The Rev. Snow makes Jack tell the truth, while Debbie accepts easily. Jack, however, has a lot more trouble believing her when she explains she lives in a similar style.






Season Four:
Episode 55
"Stanley the Ladies Man"
   Helen wants to take a vacation and complains to Stanley that he promised they could take one. To pacify her, Stanley plans a surprise party for her with the aid of Jack, Chrissy and Janet. Janet and Chrissy help by teaching Stanley to disco as Jeffrey Brooks spies on them and comes to the conclusion they are having an orgy. Jack is enlisted to plan all the food and drinks. The party takes place and all goes well, except one thing, the guest of honor, Helen, fails to show up after her art class. Stanley calls the school, only to find out she hasn't been there all night. As a frantic Stanley discusses what action he should take to locate her, a bedraggled Helen walks in. Helen explains how she stopped for gas and accidentally got locked in the rest-room when the station manager closed for the night. To add to her humiliation, she says, upon trying to escape through a small window the police arrived in time to arrest her for breaking into the restroom.
Episode 56
"Jack on the Lam"
   When two FBI Agents arrive at the apartment looking for Jack, he assumes they want him because he traded some poker winnings for his Navy discharge two weeks early. The Agents come back to the apartment and Jack dresses in Chrissy's clothes trying to escape from the apartment. Jack makes it to the Regal Beagle pub but the Agents follow him. Janet and Chrissy intercept the Agents but when Larry arrives and Jack's wig comes off he must explain his behavior. All the agents wanted was a reference for an old Navy pal.
Episode 57
"love Thy Neighbor"
   Jack finds a fancy gift under Chrissy's bed and is sure it's meant for him to commemorate his third year of living with Janet and Chrissy. In need of quick cash to reciprocate, Jack reluctantly agrees to take Larry's place as a paid escort for an attractive older woman and ends up with more than he bargained for. Chrissy thinks that he's love-starved. His amorous date decides to move next door to the apartment.
Episode 58
"The New Landlord"
   When Ralph Furley moves in as manager-in-residence of the old Roper building, he finds that his furniture has just been sold during Jack Tripper's rent-relief junk sale. Furley orders the trio to get out of the apartment building in 24 hours, but reconsiders when he hears of Jack's plans for a welcome-the-manager dinner - with Lana Shields, a sultry new tenant, as the main dish.
Episode 59
"Snow Job"
   Chrissy gets a part time job as a door-to-door saleswoman. She's not very good at it so Jack suggests she try to sell to the players at his poker game that night in Ralph Furley's apartment. He asks the players not to buy anything and they agree but when two lovely girls appear to play poker Ralph can't stand Chrissy's interruption and buys everything she has to sell. Luckily Janet takes Chrissy aside and tells her that she is no saleswoman and should not quit her job. Meanwhile, the poker game, which has become a "strip" game, has broken up and, when Jack returns to his apartment, Chrissy thanks him for having saved her.
Episode 60
"Jack the Ripper"
   Jack hasn't won an argument in days. His Dean at school has ordered him to cook a dinner; Furley won't pay for the paint he used in the kitchen and the girls have picked out wallpaper for the bathroom. He gets help in the form of "assertiveness training." He returns a changed man and Janet wonders what she did by recommending the doctor. Jack is walking around the apartment barking and not being reasonable. When Furley comes down still insisting that he's not going to pay for the paint, a "barking" contest arises until he and Jack realize how silly they've been; especially after Jack learns that Furley, too, had taken the assertiveness training course! Jack recognizes that he should just be himself and not let people push him around.
Episoe 61
"The Lifesaver"
   Jack feels like a hero when he uses the "Heimlich" procedure to aid a choking customer in a restaurant where he is working part time. When the customer calls and offers the trio a three-bedroom apartment rent-free for a year, in exchange for a gourmet dinner, the trio discovers that the choking was a ploy and their guest is a freeloader. They panic since they have insulted Furley and told him that they are moving. They rush to Ralph's apartment in time to hear him insult his brother, the owner of the building, because a nice man has just offered him a better job. The "nice man" fell on the stairs and is really the freeloader. Jack gets Ralph off the hook with his brother so the trio can stay.
Episode 62
Old Folks at Home"
   When an old man comes to the apartment building looking for an apartment to rent Chrissy lets him rest for a few minutes in their apartment. His apartment has been turned into a "con-damn-inium" and he has no place to stay. The kids feel sorry for him and invite him to stay but Jack has a heavy date and wants him to be very quiet that evening. He isn't, but when the date insults the old man, Jack gets rid of her. The old man disappears the next afternoon and the kids worry, but when he shows up again, he has rented an apartment with two old "buddies". The "buddies" are old ladies and the old man has decided he likes Jack's setup and wants to try it himself.
Episode 63
"A Camping We Will Go"
    Larry wants to take his girl camping but she's an actress and isn't interested until Larry tells her that Jack, a famous film producer, is also going. When the girls, and Lana, find out about it, they all decide to go. Upon arrival, they discover that the fabled "chateau" is a cabin with only one room Lana is after Jack, Larry's girl is after Jack and Jack is after some sleep, since he just finished his tests at school. Larry's girlfriend leaves, Lana is cornered by Ralph and the kids settle down to sleep in a tent when the rain begins.
Episode 64
"Chrissy's Hospitality"
    After Chrissy falls in the bathtub and gets dizzier than usual, Jack and Janet take her to the hospital. The doctor decides she should stay overnight because they don't know what the problem is. Jack and Janet worry that night and the next day they arrive at the hospital in time to see the doctor leaving Chrissy's room in tears. . They think the worst and try to comfort Chrissy who doesn't understand what's happening. Furley arrives with flowers and asks why they haven't taken her home yet and the doctor explains he was crying from laughter. Janet collapses from the strain.
Episode 65
"The Loan Shark"
   Jack Tripper's cooking lesson with the seductive wife of a mobster becomes dangerously spiced with hot romance.
EPisode 66
"The Love Barge"
   Jack gets a part time job as assistant chef on a luxury week-long cruise and he can take one guest. The girls almost stop speaking to each other over who will get to go. Lana finally makes them realize that it's not worth ruining their friendship over and then decides that she should go. Jack doesn't want to go with Lana so he sends Ralph instead. Ralph gets hopelessly seasick and Lana is very angry.
Episode 67
"Ralph's Rival"
   Ralph's old friend is coming to town and Ralph is upset because the friend has always been such a big success. He asks the girls to come to his apartment to help him get through it. When the friend starts bragging about his pretty wife, Ralph introduces Chrissy as his wife. The friend decides to stay with Ralph, and Chrissy is trapped in the apartment, leaving her muscle-bound date stranded at the Regal Beagle. The date arrives at the apartment in time to hear Larry telling Jack and Janet that Chrissy is sleeping with Ralph. They all rush to Ralph's for a confrontation. Chrissy gets her date under control and the friend admits that he's an absolute failure anyway.
Episode 68
"A Black Letter Day"
    When Lana reads a letter in the advice column in the paper about a man living with two women and having an affair with one of them she decides that it's the trio. She confronts Janet with the letter and insinuates that it's Jack and Chrissy. She then talks to Chrissy and decides that it's Janet and Jack. She sees Larry at the Regal Beagle, shows him the letter and leaves when Jack arrives. Jack finally reads the letter and decides to teach the girls a lesson but it doesn't work because the girls have finally figured out that it isn't them at all.


Episode 69
"The Reverend Steps Out"
    Rev. Snow is being considered for a job in a Santa Monica Church but Chrissy doesn't know it when she sees him with another woman at an Ice Cream Parlor. Chrissy jumps to the wrong conclusions and accuses her father of cheating on her mother but he explains everything. He doesn't get the job though because the woman he was meeting with doesn't approve of the Rev.'s daughter living with a man.
Episode 70
"Larry Loves Janet"
   Larry has been put down hard by his most recent flame and when Janet tries to cheer him up he thinks he's in love with her and she's in love with him. When he expresses these feelings to Jack, he talks to Janet and then gives her lessons in how to dissuade Larry. When Larry arrives for their date, Janet vamps him and he loves it and goes for her. She flees to Jack and Chrissy who save the day by congratulating Larry on his upcoming marriage and children. Larry panics and calls the whole thing off.
Episode 71
"Mighty Mouth"
   The girls bring their lovely gym instructor home and Jack decides enroll for exercise. When he tells Harvey, the owner of the Gym, that he's only there to get close to the lady, Harvey gives Jack a workout that he'll never forget. The next day Jack can hardly move and isn't sure he can keep his lunch date with the lady when she arrives at his apartment Jack limps his way through and has just gone to lie down when the girls bring Harvey home for lunch. He almost kills Jack when he finds out that he's been seeing his sister but she steps between the men, then almost does Jack in with more exercises.
Episode 72
"The Love Lesson"
   Chrissy happens to mention that Jack has a date with "Miss Beach Volleyball", in front of Furley. Jack covers by saying he has a date to play volleyball with the guys at the beach. Later Furley arrives at the kids' apartment just in time to see Jack kissing his date. Jack insinuates that his date is a man in ladies clothing who is an old Navy buddy. Furley can't believe his eyes and insults the date who leaves. Furley then encourages Jack to go all the way and see a real woman and he will give Jack lessons. Jack agrees, not realizing that once he changes to women Furley will ask him to move out. Jack learns Furley's lesson and Furley tells him he must move. Larry meets Jack's date at the Regal Beagle and tells her that Furley is Jack's alcoholic Father and asks her to give Jack another chance. She does and Furley catches them again and gives up on changing Jack. When the real Navy buddy shows up in uniform, Furley tells him he makes a better-looking woman.
Episode 73
   When an absent-minded policeman leaves his handcuffs at the trio's apartment Chrissy and Jack playfully slap the cuffs on each other and then discover there's no key.
Episode 74
"And Baby Makes Two"
   As Janet is on her way home from babysitting she stops and tells Ralph that she wants to redecorate her bedroom as a surprise for Chrissy. She has placed an ad for an art student to help and left Ralph's number. She's going to cancel out off a planned ski weekend with Jack and Chrissy. When she gets upstairs, the trio gets into a discussion of how her friend became pregnant by advertising for a partner. She didn't want to get married just have a baby. In the morning when she cancels and men begin to arrive at the apartment answering her ad, Jack and Chrissy think she wants a baby also. Chrissy finally explodes at the one Janet chooses to help her, so Janet explains everything. Jack is relieved since Janet declined his offer to help her
Episode 75
"Jack's Bad Boy"
   The trio arrive home after work to find a twelve-year-old boy there. He was looking for his friend's house and, since the door was unlocked, he came in. The girls melt for him but when Jack discovers the boy is hiding one of his track trophies in his jacket. Jack believes he's nothing but a con artist, but the girls defend him. Even Ralph warms up to the kid, but when the kid gives Jack $100.00 to cover the rest of the rent, Jack thinks he stole it, and they try to sneak it back into Furley's. Ralph adds up his money and has $100.00 more than he thought he had. The kid's chauffeur arrives and explains that the kid called for his allowance and now has to go home. The kid runs away a lot because he has everything and gets bored. He won't let the trio pay the money back and Jack gives him the trophy.
Episode 76
"Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"
   Jack's perfect older brother is in town for a visit, and Jack is less than happy. Lee was always first in everything he has a great job, travels a lot and is handsome and sophisticated. When he arrives at the apartment he asks Chrissy to be his date at a dinner in his honor. Jack worries and when he opens the door and sees Lee and Chrissy kissing is even more depressed. Ralph tries to cheer him up but only succeeds in depressing himself. That night Lee invites Jack and Chrissy to dinner. Jack spills wine on himself and the desert on Lee but Chrissy tells him she'd rather be with Jack any day. Jack is real, Lee thinks only of himself.
Episode 77
"The Root of all Evil"
   Jack and Larry are going to the track. Chrissy gives them money to bet on the Daily Double. She picks outrageous horses who just happen to win both races. She wins $1,637.00. She insists that they split it between them and they open a joint bank account. Janet spends $75. on a bottle of wine and when Chrissy brings home a $200. stuffed giraffe they argue and stop talking to each other. Larry suggests they visit the psychologist Jack saw to build his self-confidence. They do some role-playing and finally attack a pillow, which was representing the money. They vow not to let money come between their friendship.
Episode 78
"Secret Admirer"
   Chrissy has been receiving anonymous notes at work from a secret admirer. Jack suggests that she leave a note for him inviting him to meet her at the Regal Beagle. When the trio get there, Chrissy approaches several men but none of them is her admirer. The next day she finds another note saying that he will drop by the apartment that evening in case she might be home. Chrissy hopes he's the answer to her dreams when he gets there he turns out to be a clown but a really sweet guy. Jack and Janet get Larry to come down and pick up Chrissy for her date with him to get rid of the admirer, but Chrissy likes him, and wants him to stay. They talk all night and the admirer sleeps on the couch Jack thinks he's fallen in love with Chrissy but when she tries to discourage him they all discover that he only wants to be friends. Chrissy tells him that they already are friends.
Episode 79
"The Goodbye Guy"
   The trio think Ralph is contemplating suicide because his brother embarrassed him in front of Nancy, a lady Ralph really likes. The trio are advised not to leave Ralph alone so Jack sleeps on Ralph's couch and tells Ralph that they know what he's thinking about. Ralph uses this to get the kids to wait on him hand and foot and finally tells them they should throw a party for him and invite Nancy. At the party, Larry tells Jack and Janet that Ralph is not going to kill himself, so Jack tells Ralph that he has just put poison in the wine and Ralph only has a few minutes to live. Ralph confesses that he never intended to kill himself. He only did it to get affection and attention. Nancy tells him that she likes men who can admit they need love.
Episode 80
"Jack's Graduation"
   During Jack's final cooking exam another student, Ben, switches his dish from Jack's and Jack thinks he has failed and can't graduate. He finally figures out what happened but must get Ben to confess in front of Dean Travers. The girls invite Ben and Dean Travers to the apartment and Chrissy tricks Ben into admitting what he did. Jack will graduate, and with honors.


Season Five:
Episode 81
"Upstairs, Downstairs, Upstairs"
    Jack finds himself in a state of panic when he juggles three gourmet dinners in three different apartments.
Episode 82
".... And Justice for Jack"
   When Jack gets a job in a diner, the woman owner so enjoys fondling him that she fires him when he tells her it makes him nervous. Jack gets a court hearing to try and get his job back, raising the issue of sexual harassment on the job. The lady judge thinks Jack is right but invited the advances by dressing and smelling the way he does. Jack withdraws the complaint when Furley goes to his defense because Jack is gay.
Episode 83
" A Hundred Dollars a What?"
   Chrissy announces that Darlene, her conservative high school valedictorian, will be an unexpected house guest Jack objects but when Darlene turns out to be shapely, as well as smart and successful, he is smitten. Jack invites her to accompany him to San Diego for his mother's birthday. However, when Janet intercepts a provocative phone call, she's shocked to learn Darlene's lucrative profession is the world's oldest, Unwilling to disillusion innocent Chrissy, Janet tells her Darlene is a hostess. When Chrissy asks her friend to take her to the convention for some onthejob training, Janet and Jack attempt an outrageous rescue.
Episode 84
"Downhill Chaser"
   Jack tries to back out of a long-planned trip with Janet and Larrry after he meets the lovely Inga. But her idea of a romantic weekend turns out to be tackling the dangerous "Flying Dutchman" run at her parents' ski resort. And Jack, who really can't ski, finds himself facing a mountain of trouble when Inga suggests that he and his friends join her.
Episode 85
"A Crowded Romance"
    Janet frantically tries to keep Jack and Larry from finding out they are both dating the same beautiful woman.
Episode 86
"Room at the Bottom"
   Janet and Larry are worried when Jack quits his job at a hamburger joint and cockily applies for a job in the kitchen at Lucien's, one of the most elegant dining spots in town. His high marks and recommendation from the dean of his cooking school do the trick. Jack is hired - as a busboy! His friends are overjoyed that the interview was a success and conclude that he will be working as a chef. Jack can't bear to tell than the truth.
Episode 87
"Chrissy's Cousin"
   When Chrissy, who's still home in Fresno taking care of her sick mother, can't come up with her share of the rent, Furley issues an ultimatum: Jack and Janet will have to find a temporary roommate or move out. Everyone gets in on the search for the new resident of their dreams. Furley finds middleaged Mrs. Medford, while Larry proposes his luscious love, Jennifer. But just as the choice narrows down to a heated toss-up between Jack's girlfriend or Janet's boyfriend, Chrissy's pretty cousin Cindy arrives, enthusiastically expecting to stay in Chrissy's stead
Episode 88
"Jack to the Rescue"
   While Jack is preoccupied in preparing his resume, which Cindy has offered to type, Janet is infuriated as Cindy reveals that she's been acting as an errand girl for her boss, Mr. Hadley. Janet insists that her new roommate stand up to her professional rights. But Cindy's resolve crumbles when Mr. Hadley's next day's greeting includes a bouquet of flowers, and she gladly goes off to fetch his morning coffee. Jack comes to Cindy's office to pick up his resume. However, Mr. Hadley, in search of his coffee, catches Cindy typing for Jack on company time. Jack counters with insulting accusations on Cindy's behalf, and the poor, befuddled girl is given the boot.
Episode 89
"The Not So Great Imposter"
   Jack's lack of experience makes him far from confident when he applies for a job at the luxurious Angelino's Restaurant. When Mr. Angelino mistakes Jack for renowned chef, David Miller, the restaurant owner jumps at the chance to have the famous cook in his kitchen. Jack eagerly accepts Angelino's lucrative offer, and willingly assumes Miller's identity. To complete the deception, he convinces a reluctant Janet and Cindy to help cover up the truth. When Angelino's advertisement announcing Miller's debut draws a famed food critic, Jack thinks his only problem will be to duplicate Miller's special "poulet." But it's really Jack's goose that's about to be cooked, when the ad also draws several angry characters who have been hot on Miller's trail.
Episode 90
"Jack's Other Mother"
   When Jack helps elderly neighbor Gladys Moore with her groceries, she returns the favor by showering Jack with a torrent of motherly affection. The home-baked cookies are nice, but as Gladys rips the shirt off Jack's back to mend it, he starts getting worried. His problems escalate when Gladys shows up at the sandwich shop and starts lending a hand behind the counter. Next, she intercepts Jack's beautiful blonde date, Katy, and sends her away as unsuitable.
Episode 91
"Make Room for Daddy"
   Jack's anxious desire for Janet and Cindy to leave him alone in the apartment awaiting his luscious, Cheryl Gainer, turns into panic when the Gainer who arrives is Cheryl's father, Andrew. Jack' s double-talking excuses turn out to be unnecessary. A lonely widower, Andrew is ready to get back into circulation and who better to advise him about women than a man with two female roommates? But after giving Mr. Gainer a stepby-step course in seduction, Jack is horrified when his pupil decides to try his technique on Janet. And when a flattered Janet agrees to cocktails at a darkly intimate hideaway, Jack can 't wait for Cheryl to arrive - to follow the would-be lovers in hot pursuit

Episode 92:
"Janet's Secret"
     Janet's father has worried so much about her being single that he has developed an ulcer. To allay his anxiety, Janet has told her parents that she is married - to Jack! But when her parents call from nearby to announce their surprise visit from Indiana, Janet realizes she is in big trouble. Before Jack has a chance to back out of the "marriage" Mr. and Mrs. Wood arrive, wedding present in hand, and hinting about grandchildren. To compound the problem, Jack's date for the evening, gorgeous Shelley Green, is already en route by car from Oxnard. Next, Larry, then Furley drop by, and innocently almost blow Janet's cover. But matters really get out of hand when Cindy comes home, and their houseguests' presence forces the trio to make some very strange sleeping arrangements.
Episode 93:
"Father of the Bride"
   Cindy turns to Jack and Janet for help when she is relentlessly pursued by wealthy Winston Cromwell III, who intends to make her his sixth wife. First, Jack poses as Cindy's overly protective brother, but Winston overrides Jack's objections with promises of a culinary kingdom for his brother-in-law to be. Next, when Winston arrives at the trio's apartment with a monumental engagement ring and a bevy of bridal gown models, it is Janet's turn to protest, but Winston finds a way to win her over. And when Cindy appears resigned to take the long walk down the aisle, her roommates are determined to prove to Winston that he is getting more bride than he bargained for.
Episode 94:
"Furley vs Furley"
   Three's company but four's a weird crowd when Ralph Furley loses his job and moves in with Jack, Janet and Cindy.
Episode 95:
"In Like Larry"
    Jack is uncharacteristically crabby when he feels that Janet and Cindy are taking him for granted. They, in turn, are fed up with his hot temper. Cleverly leaping at the opportunity to get close to the girls, Larry offers to let Jack stay in his apartment while he gallantly moves into Jack's room. Jack soon misses his marvelous roommates - But Larry is making extraordinary efforts to earn their affections.
Episode 96:
 "Teacher's Pet"
     While teaching at his old eating school Jack finds himself in a stew when Dean Traver's voluptuous niece, Betty Jane, cooks up a seductive plan to win an "A".
Episode 97:
"And Baby Makes Four"
   Cindy's cryptic comments about her new boyfriend Doug, a fashion photographer, leave Jack and Janet exceedingly puzzled. At the Regal Beagle, Cindy dumps Doug when his criticismn of her appearance becomes too much. And Cindy' s waitress friend, Kelly, is quick to commiserate with her about the evils of men. Cindy returns home preoccupied by Kelly's decision about marrying the father of the child she's bearing, and unwilling to discuss Doug, further arousing Jack's and Janet's curiosity. And when Cindy asks Janet's opinion of unmarried motherhood, and then borrows baby clothes, the roommates conclude that Cindy is expecting - and hatch a hilarious plan to salvage her honor.
Episode 98:
"The Night of the Ropers"
   A miffed Helen Roper visits her old upstairs tenants, Jack and Janet, after leaving Stanley because he nixed her plans for an intimate celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary in favor of a bowling banquet. Since Mr. Furley is out of town, Cindy suggests that Helen spend the night in his empty apartment Janet seconds the notion, thinking Helen's absence will make Stanley more eager to patch things up. While Helen is sleeping, a repentant Stanley arrives, searching for his missing wife. At Jack's urging, he decides to join Helen in Furley's apartment to apologize but first insists on a drink. And as Stanley downs a few shots of courage, little does he know that one floor below, Ralph Furley; home early from his weekend has just crawled under the covers of no-longer-empty, bed.
Episode 99:
"Double Trouble"
   Paranoid apartment manager, Furley, panics when he suspects that his visiting niece, Veronica, is planning to report his incompetence to his brother, Bart, the apartment owner. Furley tells Jack that he believes his only salvation is to find a womanizing young man to distract Veronica's attention, Of course in Ralph's mind twinkle toes Tripper couldn't possibly fit that bill. But Jack, who would like nothing better than to get closer to lovely Veronica, comes up with an ingenious suggestion - he' 11 introduce Veronica to his visiting "twin brother," Austin. The plan works like a charm. Austin/Jack gets the girl and Furley gets a great report. But even Jack's fanciest footwork seems darned when Furley insists on showing his gratitude by throwing a party for Jack and his roommates
Episode 100:
"Dying to Meet You"
   When Jack and Larry can't help but cast a roving eye at April, an attractive Regal Beagle patron, her insanely jealous boyfriend Max makes it clear that she is off limits. To Jack's horror, April appears on his doorstep with Max in hot pursuit. As April's attentions to Jack further infuriate Max, he threatens to take Tripper permanently out of the picture. Jack has become a terrified prisoner in his own apartment when Larry suggests a gravely uproarious solution.
Episode 101:
"The Case of the Missing Blonde"
   Jack and Janet return from a late movie to discover that their roommate has disappeared. A broken heel on the living room rug points to a struggle. Then Mr. Furley arrives to complain about a terrible racket that took place earlier in the evening, Jack and Janet become increasingly uneasy. Furley volunteers to check for Cindy at the Regal Beagle, only to encounter another arresting blonde. After he fails to return, Larry is enlisted to search for the now-missing landlord. He too meets with trouble, but not before learning Cindy was last seen in tears, getting into a car with a strange older man.
Episode 102:
"Honest Jack Tripper"
  When Jack's neverending schemes to endear himself to beautiful women totally backfire, he decides to forego his little white lies for total honesty.

Season 6:
Episode 103
"Jack Bares All" Part 1
   Cindy is moving out to go to school at UCLA and to live in the dorms. Jack and Janet are giving her a going away party and searching for a new roommate. Jack leaves the searching up to Janet as he is beginning work at Angelino's and doesn't have the time. Jack cuts his finger at work and ends up at the hospital where he encounters a nurse, Terri Alden, who winds up giving a reluctant Jack a shot. Janet hears of Jack's accident and rushes to the hospital to find Jack with only a superficial cut, a sore behind and a bruised ego. Jack returns home to find that Janet has found their new roommate - Terri Alden. Jack says there is no way be can live with Terri.
Episode 104
"Jack Bares All" Part 2
   Part 2 begins with a recap of Part 1, ending as Jack says there is no way he can live with Terri... Janet says it's too late, he has no choice. Meanwhile, Larry has made his choice for a new roommate and Jack and Larry begin devising a plan to get rid of Terri. At the party that evening, Jack and Larry play a joke on Terri and end up humiliating her in front of everyone. Jack finally realizes what he has done and apologizes to Terri and welcomes her as the new roommate.
Episode 105
"Terri Makes Her Move"
   To boost Jack's confidence, Terri turns on the charm, causing Janet to suspect that her new roommate's interest in Jack is more than platonic.
Episode 106
"Professor Jack"
     Jack is giving cooking lessons to Janet's boss's wife. Terri thinks Jack is giving her love lessons and that Janet arranges the deal - Terri has been helping a doctor she works with find an apartment for his niece and when she announces that she is moving out, Jack and Janet think she is moving in with the doctor. The various misunderstandings create chaos with the doctor and Janet's boss until the truth is known.
Episode 107
"Some of That Jazz"
  Terri and Jack believe that Janet will have to make it with her dance instructor if she wants to make it as a dancer.
Episode 108
"Lies My Roomate Told Me"
   Jack, too tired to go to a movie with Janet, promises to fix her a special dinner instead. Meanwhile, Larry convinces Jack to fix him up with Terri. Janet overhears and thinks Jack's the one who's involved. They temporarily convince her she's ' wrong. Next, Larry, frightened to go out with Terri, persuades Jack (by fixing him up with Greedy Gretchen) to go with him and feed him love lines. Larry gets rid of Janet by paying Furley to take her out. The six of them wind up at the same restaurant and the girls leave their dates empty-handed.
Episode 109
"Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
     Jack and Janet mistake Terri's psychiatrist friend for an escapee from a hospital psychiatric ward.
Episode 110
"Eyewitness Blues"
    A plainclothes cop moves in to protect Jack whose life is in danger after witnessing an armed robbery at the flower shop.
Episode 111
"Boy Meets Dummy"
   When Angelino's daughter gets the hots for Jack, Jack gets in hotter water with Angelino, forcing him to come up with a "wife" to ward her off. When Terri promises to pose as Mrs. Tripper, but is delayed, Jack tries to pawn off a CPR dummy as his beloved. Janet quickly takes over as his better half only to have Terri finally burst in apologizing to her "hubby" for being late. Not only does Jack explain his two wives, but with the help of the others, wins the Angelino's back in his good graces.
Episode 112
"Dates of Wrath"
   Jack suggests to a doubtful Janet that she should ask Bob, the new Bartender she likes at the Regal Beagle, out. But Terri accompanies Janet to the bar and through a series of misunderstandings, Bob asks Terri out instead, Janet is furious, and Terri who is innocent, is angry because she doesn't know why Janet is mad at her, Jack tries to stop their bickering and loses a beautiful date of his own to the unattended Bob, who is tired of waiting while the girls argue over him.
Episode 113
"Macho Man"
   Jack and Terri are having a drink at the Beagle when an obnoxious drunk approaches and starts hitting on Terri, Jack tries to handle him but the guy seizes him in a hard grip and has him humiliatingly subdued when Terri steps in and immobilizes the guy with a few self-defense tricks. Everyone at the Beagle bursts into applause for Terri and Jack is clearly embarrassed. Back at the apartment, Larry comes over to congratulate Terri. Jack says he didn't want to hit a defenseless drunk but he was about to make his move when Terri stepped in. Terri teaches Jack some selfdefense moves. Furley bursts in, incoherent with excitement there is a mugger outside. They all dash out at see a big guy struggling with a smaller guy. Jack does to the big guy what Terri has taught him, knocking him to the ground. The man rises and shows his badge; he's a cop. Thanks to Jack, the robber got away. He then handcuffs and arrests a stunned Jack. At the jail, Jack is put in a cell with some threatening prisoners who bully him until they discover he beat up Officer Bellows. Now Jack is a hero who they all look up to. Janet, Terri anti Furley show up at the station and finally convince the cops to release Jack.
Episode 114
"Strangers in the Night"
   Jack is dating a beautiful Southern Belle, Arabella, and takes her to the Regal Beagle for dinner. While Arabella is making a phone call, Lily, the waitress, sits on Jack's lap to rest her tired feet. When Arabella sees this, she storms out. The trio and Larry come up with a plan to win Arabella back. Jack and Larry go to Arabella's apartment to serenade her. Jack lip-syncs while Larry, hiding in the bushes, does the actual singing. A woman's figure appears in the window. Jack then climbs up the trellis and throws a bouquet in the window. Attached is a formal invitation to dinner the following night. The next day, Jack prepares a romantic dinner for two. The doorbell rings and Jack opens it to a plain looking woman, Bernice. She tells him that last night when he serenaded her, it was the most romantic night of her life. Jack is stunned. Then Arabella arrives to apologize, so Jack explains to her how he serenaded the wrong girl. As Jack tries to get rid of Bernice nicely, Arabella cruelly tells Bernice "it was a dreadful mistake." At Bernice's crushed look, Jack tells Arabella off and he and Bernice sit down to their romantic dinner.
Episode 115
"The Matchbreakers"
   When an attractive woman named Marsha becomes interested in Mr. Furley after he says he owns the apartment building, the trio thinks she's only after Ralph's money. To rescue Ralph, Larry dresses in drag and pretends to be Mr. Furley's "exwife." "Mrs. Furley" reveals to Marsha that he is penniless since she got everything in the settlement. Marsha, believing Furley lied, storms out just before Mr. Furley reveals that it was she who had all the money. Jack calls Marsha and patches things up, but then Larry finds out that Marsha is a powerful real estate agent and not after Furley's money, but wants to get the building to turn the apartments into condos. The kids finally get rid of Marsha by convincing her that Furley gets violent when he's upset.

Episode 116
"Oh Nun"
   Jack is attracted to Terri's high school friend Catherine, who comes to visit. It turns out that she is a nun, but things are patched up and Jack and Catherine even do some sightseeing together. Jack overhears Catherine reading a letter to Terri and mistakenly believes that Catherine is leaving the convent to marry him. Larry and Jack cook up a scheme where Jack pretends to be an alcoholic and hangs out at a sleazy bar, so that Catherine will lose interest in him. Janet and Mr. Furley soon become involved in a big scene at the bar before the whole mess is straightened out by Catherine and her father, a police Captain.
Episode 117
"Maid to Order"
   The trio reluctantly take on former roommate Cindy as their cleaning woman.
Episode 118
"Hearts and Flowers"
   Janet, harassed at work by Bobbi, a recently appointed efficiency expert, becomes more upset when Jack asks her worst enemy out. Realizing he's hurt Janet, Jack breaks the date with Bobbi, who in turn takes the rejection out on Janet who blows her top and quits. Jack, Terri and Furley scheme to bring out Bobbi's true colors in front of the big boss, who then sends her packing. Janet gets her job back as well as a raise and extra vacation.
Episode 119
"Urban Plowboy"
   To avoid a woman's angry boyfriend, Jack joins his roommates for a weekend on a farm owned by Cindy's Aunt Becky.
Episode 120
"A friend in Need"
   Felipe trusts Jack to fill in for him as head chef at Angelino's while his wife is having a baby. After Mr. Canon, an important customer falls in love with Jack's linguini, Angelino fires Felipe and hires Jack permanently. Not wanting to steal Felipe's job, the trio plot to sabotage the meal and Felipe gets his job back.
Episode 121
"Jack's 10"
  After falling in love with a blind date, which Larry sets up, Jack brings the girl home to meet Terri and Janet. The two girls soon see that Jack's sweetheart, Denise, is not as pleasant as she appears. When Denise talks Jack into getting married, the girls panic. Denise even wins over Larry when he tries to break them up at the request of Janet and Terri. Unable to beat around the bush any longer, Janet confronts Jack in his room. Meanwhile, Denise overhears and misinterprets the conversation. Her accusation that Jack has a thing going with his two roomies wakes Jack up to what Denise really is. Jack calls the wedding off and his roommates console him.
Episode 122
"Doctor in the House"
    Having once told his grandfather that he is a doctor, Jack is now in a panic because the elder Mr. Tripper is coming for a visit. Rather than take Janet's advice of immediately revealing the truth, Jack continues with the charade and finds himself in a bind when Grandpa insists on visiting his office at the hospital. Terri gives in to Jack's begging and lets Jack borrow the office of a doctor who is away, and Janet agrees to act as Jack's "patient." The mixups continue when an intern arrives to observe the "doctor," and when Mr. Furley comes in to see the real doctor about his bad back. Jack is finally forced into a full confession and is forgiven by his loving grandfather.
Episode 123
"Critic's Choice"
   Jack challenges a famous food critic to sample his cuisine, aiming for a favorable review in his newspaper column.
Episode 124
"Paradise Lost"
   When a doctor going to Europe offers to let the trio rent his gorgeous beach house, they jump at the chance. Mr. Furley and Larry, both distraught at the news of losing their friends, get drunk together and devise a scheme to keep them from moving. Larry suggests that they "divide and conquer" - telling each of the trio that the other two don't want to move and are only doing it to keep the peace. Mr. Furley throws a bon voyage party where he and Larry appeal to the trio not to move. Furley changes his mind and wants them to go when he sees and falls for Terri's friend who comes to look at the apartment. All of this trouble to no avail the doctor cancels his trip at no one can move anywhere!
Episode 125
"And Now Here's Jack"
   When Mike O' Connell the host of the "LA Today" talk show comes into Angelino's and loves his meal, he asks Jack and Mr. Angelino to appear on the show. Mr. Furley suggests that Jack have an assistant for his demonstration on cooking, meaning himself, but Jack asks Janet and Terri instead of Ralph. During a rehearsal in which Jack has trouble remembering his lines, Larry talks him into writing his speech on cards and hiding them around the set. At the taping of the show, Mr. Angelino's introduction goes well but the stage manager has rearranged all of the props where Jack has hidden his cards! Unable to remember what he should say or do without his cards, the demonstration is a disaster and Jack is fired by Angelino. Jack feels he is the laughing stock of the neighborhood and goes to clean out his locker. As it turns out, business at Angelino's has picked up because of the appearance of such an entertaining chef. Angelino is then forced to rehire Jack at a $25.00 per week pay raise.
Episode 126
"Janet Wigs Out"
   Janet buys a blonde wig and is so taken with her new image that she alienates her roommates, Furley, and a new neighbor as well.
Episode 127
"Up in the Air"
    When David, a rich guy that Janet is interested in, invites her to a party at his island home, she is thrilled - at least until he tells her to bring a date. Terri suggests Janet take Jack in order to make David jealous, and Jack consents. Upon learning that they will fly to the island, a panicked, fearful, Jack lets Larry give him a couple of tranquilizers to help him through his very first flight. Jack arrives with Janet at the party in a very mellow state, and is attracted to Nancy, who he and Janet don't realize is David's sister, not date. Jack takes a nonalcoholic but invigorating drink and becomes hyper dancing and making a shambles of the party. Janet and Jack eventually figure out their mistake about Nancy, so Janet ends up right where she wanted, with David, and Jack calms down enough to talk to Nancy, at least for a short while before he falls asleep.
Episode 128
"Mate for Each Other"
   After a happily married computer-matched couple sell Jack on the merits of computer dating, the fun begins when Jack secretly signs up.
Episode 129
"The Best of Three's Company" Part 1
   In Part 1 of "The Best Of Three's Company," special guest host Lucille Ball recalls how the trio first met, the wild predicaments of Jack Tripper, how the trio live together platonically, and how they survive each other.
Episode 130
"The Best of Three's Company"  Part 2
     In Part 2 of "The Best Of Three's Company," special guest host, Lucille Ball, points out the uniqueness of John Ritter's physical comedy. (He would have been right at home in the old silent films.) Lucy then recalls scenes that best describe the Ropers, Larry and Mr. . Furley. Lucy then shows how important misunderstanding is to the comedy of "Three's Company." Next, John Ritter joins Lucy and gives her a one-word description of "Three's Company."

Season 7:
Episode 131
"A Night Not to Remember"
     Janet has to go out with Mr. Hagen, an important man from the flower shop home office. As he has a reputation for being lecherous, Janet convinces Jack to accompany her for protection, despite the fact that he has a bad cold. Jack proceeds to get thoroughly drunk on exotic drinks, and later that night unknowingly falls asleep on Janet's bed. When she tries to get him out of her bed, Jack accidentally breaks a vase given to Janet by her grandmother. Jack again falls asleep on her bed, and Janet falls asleep on the same bed. In the morning, Jack is appalled to find himself in bed with Janet. He remembers nothing about the previous night, so when Janet is angry with him about the vase, he assumes she's mad because he broke the trio's rule about fooling around with a roommate. Jack begins to pack to move out, but Janet talks to him and clears up the misunderstanding, and the trio is happy once again.
Episode 132
"Jack Goes to the Dentist"
   Terri asks Janet's advice about how to break up with Phil who has a terrible temper. While they are discussing it, Jack comes in complaining about a toothache. Terri makes an appointment for a fearful Jack to see Phil, who happens to be a children's dentist. Phil gives him a prescription and tells him to come back in a few days and they will begin work on the tooth. Later, when Terri breaks it to Phil that she doesn't want to see him anymore, he mistakenly assumes that Jack has come between them. The next day Terri and Janet rush to rescue Jack from Phil's dentist chair, where they unwittingly believe he has fallen victim to Phil's temper.
Episode 133
"Diamond Jack"
   Larry arranges a blind date for Jack with a jewel thief who mistakes him for a fence.
Episode 134
"Extra Extra"
      A guy Janet has a date with writes a column on coping with inflation for the paper. Intrigued by the trio's living arrangement, he proposes writing about them and their methods of coping with expenses. When the column comes out, it insinuates that their living arrangement is more intimate than practical. Janet and Terri, upset by this, are comforted and convinced by Jack's theory that virtually no one reads the back page of the paper. However, when the girls are at work that day, both of them are leered at and pinched. When they go to the Regal Beagle to have a drink with Jack that evening, even the bartender and male customers are staring and whispering. When Jack arrives, they applaud him for his supposed "conquests" and Jack eats it up. This infuriates the girls, and they storm out after dumping their beers on him. Still mad, they get even the next day when they allow a date of Jack's to think the same thing, and she, too, storms out.
Episode 135
"Jack Gets His"
   Angelino cons Jack into renting a small, vacant restaurant by promoting it as a wonderful opportunity for a young chef. Jack, extremely excited by his new venture, brings the girls, Larry and Furley down to see it that night. The place turns out to be a totally rundown disaster. Jack is despondent, but Furley, Larry and the girls offer to do the renovating, estimating it would cost a couple thousand dollars to fix it up. Convinced by Larry that he could get a loan, Jack goes to the bank. He offends the female loan officer and is turned down for the loan after attempting to date her. He returns home to find that the girls have already ordered the materials and spent his life's savings. Angelino arrives to collect his first month's rent, and discovering the situation, calls off the deal--berating Jack in the process. Furley, angered by the mistreatment of Jack, saves the deal by paying Angelino the first month's rent. Later, the group anonymously writes down suggestions for the restaurant's name, and Furley inadvertently succeeds when he refers to the restaurant as "Jack's Bistro."
Episode 136
"Opening Night"
 Larry, who put the wrong date on the flyers announcing the opening of "Jack's Bistro," manages to "save" the day by inviting his Greek relatives.
Episode 137
"Cousin Cuisine"
     Jack does Felipe a favor by putting up his beautiful cousin, Maria, who is visiting from Mexico. Jack has the idea of romancing her, but her inability to speak English coupled with the arrival of Janet and Terri prevent this. The trio learns that Maria's fiancÚ broke their engagement at the last minute, and she has fled to America in hopes of beginning a new life. However, having no money or Job, she will be forced to return, to Mexico. In order to help her stay in the country, Jack offers her a job in his restaurant but she thinks he is proposing to her. A huge misunderstanding ensues. Finally, Felipe summons Maria's fiancÚ in from Mexico. The whole mess is straightened out and the couple reunited.
Episode 138
"An Affair to Forget"
   Janet is happy that her old friend, Randy, is dating Jack until she discovers that Randy is married.
Episode 139
"The Sunday Brunch"
   When Jack's Bistro's liquor license is being revoked by the Reverend Gilmore, Jack discovers his restaurant was formerly a hooker's haven. Mr. Angelino's solution is for Jack to show the Reverend what a respectable place he's running by holding a Sunday Brunch. Everything appears holier than thou until two newlyweds arrive and begin their honeymoon beside the Reverend's table. Jack and the girls do their best to camouflage the couple, but when Furley and Larry's date both get soused on champagne, everything becomes a disaster. The Reverend is appalled. However, one of the Reverend's own saints, Mrs. Arlington, who donates her riches to the church, saves the day by recognizing Jack's hospitality.
Episode 140
"The Impossible Dream"
    To help give Jack's business a boost, Larry suggests he has a friend who would play the guitar for free. Jack tries the guitarist out, only to find he has a vocalist - Larry. Although Jack thinks Larry sounds like a Vegas reject, the customers love him! Jack makes Larry's dream come true by telling him he can sing every night. However, the following evening Larry proves to be a calamity. The girls can't understand how Jack or anyone ever bought Larry's act. It suddenly dawns on Jack that Larry packed the previous audience with his friends. The situation is disastrous. Jack's either going to lose his best friend or his restaurant. Furley, who has been an even bigger catastrophe helping out in the kitchen, says honesty is the best policy and flatly tells Larry he's fired. Larry is devastated. Jack tells Larry at least he's lived out his fantasy and he should be proud of that. Larry goes out for a final farewell only to discover who his adoring fans really are: several men (that Terri planted in the audience) who chase Larry and his career out the door for good.
Episode 141
"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
      When Furley discovers Ray Martin, the nice young man Janet and Jack fixed Terri up with, is a convicted murderer, all havoc breaks loose. Janet, seeing Ray sprinkling what she thinks is poison in the salad, is convinced Ray is trying to kill Terri. After Janet confronts a skeptical Jack and Terri with the news, Ray offers Jack a glass of wine. Jack gratefully gulps it down only to discover Ray made it himself. The trio is now convinced that Ray has poisoned Jack out of jealousy. Thoroughly panicked, Janet rushes out to get the police as Terri tries to save Jack's life. But their fears are quickly lessened when Terri sees Ray partaking of the same wine. Sensitive to their outraged behavior, Ray confesses with shame his previous crime. Although he paid the price in prison, Ray explains he will be condemned for the rest of his life. Embarrassed for jumping to conclusions, the trio send the police away, learning a valuable lesson themselves.
Episode 142
"Larry's Sister"
   When Larry's teenage sister, Diane, comes to visit, Larry asks Jack if he'll show her around since Jack is the only guy Larry trusts. But Larry's role as an overprotective big brother gets way out of hand when he discovers Jack and Diane are both gone at 2:00 A.M. Since the note Jack left on the bathroom wall fell off, Janet and Terri also believe Jack was taking advantage of Larry's sister. When Terri discovers the note, the girls quickly apologize to Jack. But after all, going on a grunion run did seem a little unbelievable. At any rate, the girls have their work cut out trying to get the two best friends back together. After hearing the truth, Larry still insists that Jack apologize first. Janet, knowing Jack's stubbornness, finally gets an idea when she sees Jack angrily chopping onions, with tears streaming down his face. She tells Larry Jack is "too broken up" to apologize. Touched, Larry takes the bait and apologizes first.
Episode 143
"Bob and Carol and Larry and Terri"
     By the time an innocent story is retold through several people, the trio believes Bob and Carol's marriage is on the rocks. Larry and Terri try to straighten things out with the couple only to be "caught" by Mr. Furley.




Episode 144
"Going to Pot"
   When the Bistro's building inspector demands a bribe from Jack, Janet suggests that they tape the next conversation for evidence. The recording the police hear, however, is of Furley telling Jack he has the pot (terrine) he wanted.
Episode 145
"Star Struck"
   Terri meets a famous soap opera star, Brett Wade, who came to the hospital for treatment, and flips over him. Brett's manager decides Terri is just the kind of respectable girl to give Brett's sleazy reputation a facelift. Brett not only takes Terri out but also asks her to marry him. Jack, thinking Brett is only using a line to take advantage of her, tries to discourage Terri But when Brett sets the date; Jack's only recourse is to wish Terri happiness. The next night, Brett turns up at Jack's Bistro with Shirley, a brassy blonde, and Jack discovers his convictions were right when he overhears Brett telling Shirley that as soon as his contract is renewed he'll annul his marriage to Terri Jack manages to get Terri down to the Bistro where Terri discovers the actor's true character and breaks off with him.
Episode 146
"Jack Goes the Distance"
   When Biff Bower insults Furley at the Beagle, Jack gets into an argument and settlement is to be determined during a boxing match between Jack and Biff. When the kids learn that Biff was a Golden Glove contender with 22 knockouts, the girls try to talk Jack out of fighting. But when Furley arrives, saying how this is the first time anyone's ever stood up for him, Jack is determined to go ahead with the fight. Jack is definitely getting the worst of the match until Janet intervenes and Biff accidentally knocks her out. Jack, desperately trying to go to Janet's aid, inadvertently knocks Biff out and is declared the winner.
Episode 147
"Jack's Double Date"
   After going to a convention, Jack declares the only way to get ahead in the restaurant business is to work 24 hours a day with no distractions. Determined, Jack bets the girls $30 he can stay away from women for a week. Furley arrives feeling very useless and depressed. To cheer him up, the girls insist Jack and Larry take Furley to singles night at the Beagle. Furley gets lucky and meets Martha, a lovely middle-aged woman who he asks back to his apartment for a nightcap. The only problem is, Martha is expecting a friend, Ellen, who Furley insists Jack will accompany. Jack is angry until he discovers Ellen is a beautiful girl his own age, and she and Jack quickly sneak upstairs to Jack's for some privacy. They are quickly interrupted by Janet and Terri who, finding Jack with a girl, want to collect their bet. Jack convinces them that Ellen is here strictly on business concerning restaurant management. The girls don't buy it and continue spying on Jack until they frustrate him into paying the debt to get rid of them. Just as Jack is about to reap the benefits, Furley arrives announcing that he helped Martha make up with her old boyfriend so Jack can drop his act with Ellen. Furley will see to it that she gets home all right. leaving Jack minus a kiss and some cash.
Episode 148
"Janet's Little Helper"
    As a surprise for Jack and Terri Janet bought a used stereo which she asks Mr. Furley to fix. Unfortunately, Furley knows nothing about electronics but his shy teenaged nephew, Marc, does. In exchange for the repairs, Janet promises to help Marc overcome his shyness with women. Marc, who's embarrassed, asks Janet to keep their talk a secret. When Jack sees Janet out with Marc and Janet lies about it when confronted, Jack and Terri think Janet is going to have an affair with the adolescent. Terri decides the only way to prevent this from happening is to get Marc a girl his own age. She recruits Julie Lipton, a candy striper from the hospital. Julie mistakes Jack for her blind date and throws herself on him when Janet enters the room. Janet, thinking Jack is dating a girl half his age, is shocked! Jack then confronts Janet about Marc. After Janet explains, Jack sheepishly realizes his mistake.
Episode 149
"The Apartment"
   In order to meet his busy schedule, Jack decides to sleep at the dingy apartment above his restaurant and imposes on the girls to help him do errands. When Jack sleepily goes up to the apartment he discovers Mr. Angelino is using it to have an affair with a young woman, Daphne. Before Jack can excuse himself, Mrs. Angelino arrives and Mr. Angelino pawns Daphne off as Jack's date, making a hasty exit. Daphne, upset upon discovering Mr. Angelino's married, begs Jack to stay and have a glass of wine. Janet and Terri arrive to surprise Jack with some cheerful knickknacks. Thinking Jack has been lying to them, the girls storm home furious! Jack tries to explain to them but the girls refuse to listen. Daphne comes over to apologize to Jack and while she is engaged in showing Jack her gratitude, Mr. Angelino arrives to discuss the situation with Jack. Jack, not wanting Angelino to misunderstand about Daphne being in his bedroom, dashes off, leaving Mr. Angelino to explain to the girls. He does, realizes how badly he's behaved and goes into Jack's room to ask Jack's forgiveness, only to get his due from the back of Daphne's hand. Janet and Terri realizing they were wrong, call Jack out to offer their apologies for not trusting him. Daphne comes out and hearing the trio making up, slips away to avoid further complications. Jack, determined to be honest, confesses that Daphne is in his bedroom at this very moment. Once again the girls don't believe Jack and when they go search for her they prove themselves right, much to Jack's confusion.
Episode 150
"Hair Today Gone Tomorrow"
   Terri falls romantically for Jack when he buys a moustache, which makes him look like Terri's old boyfriend, David. Janet tells Jack the way to cool Terri off is to boss her around. While Jack is in the process, Janet finds out from Terri's mother that David treated Terri the same way and Terri thrived on it. Janet rushes out to find them and brings Terri to her senses when Janet strips Jack of his moustache, reassuring Terri that Jack is nothing like David.
Episode 151
"Navy Blues"
   Bill Martin, a former cook in the Navy with Jack, comes to town and tries to con his way into Jack's business. Bill finally convinces Angelino that Jack needs a partner when he tricks Jack into throwing a celebration party for a couple who have just come from a funeral. Furious, the girls talk Jack into conning Bill back. They get Mr. Furley to pose as a rich, Texan investor who offers Bill an even better partnership. Bill then turns down Angelino's offer, Jack renews his lease, and Bill is left out in the cold.
Episode 152
"Borrowing Trouble"
   When the girls think Jack needs $800 to pay his rent to Angelino, they fake a radio contest, letting Jack win $500 which is the trio's rent money for Furley. The girls are furious when they discover Jack blew the money on a leather coat. Furley then tells Jack the girls are only upset because they are having money problems. Jack uses the rent money for Angelino to help the girls out, but accidentally puts the cash in another girl's purse. The whole mess is straightened out, and Furley receives the leather coat as payment for the trio's rent.

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